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coLab Promotional Video Transcript

Start of transcript

Music: upbeat background music

Description: Camera focuses on black and white sign showing the wording The coLab growth hub. Camera switches to show wall covered in wooden slats with go1 sign in the centre of it.

Description: Woman stands and talks to two men sitting at a desk inside an open floor office. Man and woman sit at a table beside a window on their laptops. Man sits at a desk a scrolls through data on a laptop screen.

Description: Woman with red hair and facial piercings wearing in a green shirt walks around inside a kitchen type area before making coffee on a barista coffee machine. Coffee pours out the machine and into a cup. The woman looks up and smiles. The woman sits at a bench sipping her coffee while looking at her laptop.

Description: Woman stands and chats in a open office area. She chats to two men seated in front of her. A black and white transition occurs where the woman makes gestures with her hands while chatting to the seated men.

Description: Camera pans to wooden slat covered wall with go1 signage. Two women sit on a grey couch together chatting and smiling. Women dressed in a black jacket chats and gestures. Woman sitting opposite her dressed in blue smiles and nods.

Description: Man and woman walk through open office area. Man stands on front of white board with writing on it and holds pen up. Woman and man sit at a desk beside a window while using their laptops. Open office area is shown with to infinity and beyond signage on one wall.

Description: Glass wall with The Fish Tank shown. Standing man pats seated man on the shoulder. Quiet office area shown, man sits in one of the pods. Camera to changes to open office area. Wooden slat wall shown with go1 logo. Woman walks into a room. Screen goes white.

End of transcript.